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Gold Deluxe is a renowned face in Asian gambling since 2011. The software provider is a specialist in developing top online casino platforms, mainly for Baccarat games. It focuses primarily across the Philippines and has over 100 employees under its company. The casino provider deploys top-rising and feature-studded games, which are well received by some of the famous gambling sites and players likewise across Asia gambling industry.

Gold Deluxe

Gold Deluxe has been operational considering that July 2011. It is known as an Asian-facing live dealer solutions provider based in the Philippines, utilizing around a hundred software engineers, designers and various other associated staff members. A variety of Asia’s leading casino gaming sites consist of Gold Deluxe games, mostly as supporting software programs and an opportunity to use something various as well as fresh to internet bettors. For instance, you can check out Gold Deluxe games at Live Casino Home.

The brand focuses on 2 things, baccarat and also HTML5 games appropriate for the target markets. While offering several user interface alternatives and also wagering opportunities through baccarat live dealership titles, Gold Deluxe also ensures that you don’t need to download and install anything to be able to appreciate an unsurpassed online casino experience. Gold Deluxe is licensed with the Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation.

Although much from having the ability to match the massive portfolios of Development gaming or Playtech, Gold Deluxe supplies differentiating titles within a couple of carefully picked categories. The firm is extremely keen on utilizing girls of undeniable physical attributes to organize the games. Each contributes to the ambience with a fundamentally Asian sparkling character and also a welcoming smile. That’s all they are allowed to do, as the games are deprived of the real-time chat option and also the noise is not streamed.

Asiabet33 Deluxe Gold
Asiabet33 Deluxe Gold

Gold Deluxe Live Casino Games

The Philippine company has directed its focus on baccarat, roulette and sic bo. These three types of online live casino games are the only ones in the portfolio, which may sound a bit underwhelming considering the number of years Gold Deluxe has been in business. Whichever the reason, they’re taking it slow, offering since recently all their products at mobile casinos. The mobile portfolio is advertised as a one-hand operation, one that boasts a deluxe view and unlimited possibilities when it comes to location or time of play.


Live Roulette

The Gold Deluxe Live Roulette version is deemed to Dynamic Roulette, and players can choose among three different game modes: Standard, 32-47-71, and 29-59-89-119. All three options are based on European roulette and offer dynamic odds on Straight bets while sharing an identical interface. The layout is quite straightforward, with the screen being divided into multiple segments. The menu, along with settings and various features is placed on the sides, the live feed is located in the top middle area and the betting zone is occupying the space below.

Dynamic Roulette comes complete with a History button, a standard/racetrack betting area, special bets (Voisins du Zero, Tier and Orphelins) and also provides overviews of Hot/Cold and Even/Odd outcomes. The game does not allow full screen; instead, the camera zooms on the wheel once it is put in motion.


Live Baccarat

It’s quite common for companies dedicated to live dealer solutions destined for the Asian market to present baccarat games as their flagship product. Such is the case with Gold Deluxe, as well. The Philippine brand offers Traditional Baccarat with native Asian live dealers, and this version comes with all sorts of popular bets, from Big/Small and Baker Pair/Player Pair to Super 6, Perfect Pair and Non Commission Player.

Nicely displayed roadmaps are an additional convenience, as are the statistics. The table itself is simple and minimalistic, and one can tell that the designers did not want to mimic the appearance of a classic baccarat table. Alternatively, there is an option of BidMe Baccarat which offers the possibility to chat with the host and also tip her.



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  • Multiple tools and options to host at ease and deliver a decent streaming quality.
  • Live gambling more interactive and challenging than machine-run games.


  • Live dealers has no audio might turn off some of the gaming experience.
  • Three types of games available only which are rather a small library.
  • Devleopment is slow pace, not much improvement or changes throughout the years.